Killer Polymaths
We are a democratic collective of killer polymaths. A polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on several bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. For example our CMO is a teletubby loving, yellow pant wearing social media expert who is also a brilliant writer and fashionista cyclist with a psychotic smile. See? Polymaths!
Convergence and us
We live in a convergence economy where a Polymath is rewarded and specialists are discarded. The most exciting things happening in technology are happening where fields converge. The barriers between medical, nanotech, synthetic biology, automotive, agriculture, food and other start-ups are quickly deteriorating. Startups used to clearly fall into one vertical, but increasingly that is not the case.
Our Pareto
Here at The Collective we abide by the commandants of The Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule. Which states that 20 polymaths could put off as much chai as 80 non-polymaths would. At the same time those twenty human beings (we never use the term human resource as The Fatsmeagol Collective) are capable of yielding the same output as 80 non-polymaths.
Monkey in the jungle
In today's internet educated world where we breathe digitally and breed digitally as well #TinderJoke - specialists are no longer the monkey that rules the jungle. There are several of us emerging who can no longer answer the question What do you do? in 140 characters. We thrive and get our endorphins kicks from doing just about everything that we love doing! And increasingly what we love doing is scattered across what they use to call industry borders.
Digital Da Vinci
As part of this digital renaissance we too are breaking out of the Agentic State - the state wherein one needs someone to direct them and instruct them. We at the collective learn from our own personal collective experience, education and each other and then get the task done. We don't need someone to constantly direct or approve our work and this results in the insanely creative work that we have been able to achieve.
A shout-out
The Fatsmeagol collective is not just a start-up but also A Socio-Political statement in the form of better organizational governance. There is an increasing shift in focus, away from the centralization of wealth to the redistribution of it. A growing number of us no longer care about being the next Donald Trump, Deepinder Goyal or Mukesh Ambani. But rather focus on doing amazing work with awesome people.
Shifting consciousness
This is why The Fatsmeagol Collective exists - we are the necessary outcome of a shift in consciousness. A democratic collective with no centralized concentration of wealth. Every employee is an owner with shares in the organization and has an equal vote in how the collective manages its finances.