“Well, first of all we’d like to say that what you are about to hear fits with the current social context. Let’s be honest, today we are all thinking about our own futures.” Gael Garcia Bernal – No (2012)

About The Fatsmeagol Collective

The Fatsmeagol Collective is a democratic organization of like minded and highly talented polymaths. We are all in-fact Owner-employees and are breaking out of The Agentic State. The collective is based on the Pareto Principle - the 80/20 rule. A Socio-Political statement in the form of better organizational governance. There is an increasing shift in focus, away from the centralization of wealth to the redistribution of it. A growing number of us no longer care about being the next Donald Trump, Deepinder Goyal or Mukesh Ambani. But rather focus on doing amazing work with awesome people. This is why The Fatsmeagol Collective exists - we are a necessary outcome of a shift in consciousness. A democratic collective of polymaths with no centralized concentration of wealth. Every employee is an owner with shares in the organization and has an equal vote in how the collective manages it's finances. Today we live in a convergence economy - the time for polymaths to rule.

What are we upto?

The Fatsmeagol Blogger/Influencer Collective

We stand today at the edge of a New Frontier in the world of digital communication. Content driven communication is where it's at. We work with prominent content creators, digital influencers, bloggers, vloggers and insta-stars to bring forth awesome content solutions.

The Upside Story

Awestriking digital solutions for our partners and clients. Born and raised in the digital realm, our collective's polymaths speak fluently in hashtags and keywords. We aim to build meaningful digital interactions by bringing exciting experimental projects to life.

Monkey Collective Video Production

Killer team of video extremists that are capable of breathing life into any story. No matter if the idea first popped into someone's mind while they were at the toilet seat. Actually we believe that's where they best ideas come from.

Bharatiya Satire News Agency

Keeping India up-to-date on what's not even happening. We create video and written satire work. A release for the comedian itching inside all of us here at the collective. If you call yourself a comedian, let's collaborate.

Who are we?

Rayyan Shaikh

Rayyan Shaikh

CEO - Tribe Chief

A True Polymath:  Writer, Public Speaker, Digital Ad-man, Client Servicing specialist,  Social Media Expert, Natural Project manager, Web Developer and Video Editor. A monkey driven by processes and organized work, a strategist who is a magician data analyst.
Has worked in 
Ogilvy One, Dubai and The Glitch Digital Marketing Agency, Mumbai among other places. Worked on brands like IBM, RSA Insurance, Fanta, BMW, Loreal, Magnum Ice Cream, Marico, Lipton and Volvo among others.

Ishita Shelat

Ishita Shelat

Chief Amazement Officer

Born strategist, creative genius – a true people’s person. This one always has a smile on her face. She has worked in a bank, did media planning for a fundraiser, worked at Lintas, WAT Social Media agency and was a Senior Brand Manager at The Glitch Digital Marketing Agency.  Worked on brands like Ponds, Lux, Ferrero Rocher, Vaseline, Hyatt, Palladium and Magnum Ice Cream among others. Besides this she rides scooters, cycles and is the driving force behind the popular platform StopCommotion.

Sakshi Kadam

Sakshi Kadam

Junior Catalyst

After completing a Bachelors in Commerce, this smiling “witness” is currently pursuing a M. A. in Journalism and Mass Comm. whilst working full time with us. She has worked with brands like Wrangler, JCB and Fujifilm on Influencer marketing campaigns. Besides working closely with top Fashion bloggers she also creates social media collateral for our clients. When she isn’t studying or kicking ass on campaigns she loves playing with cats and listening to One Direction.

What have we been upto?

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We have worked with

"More often now, people don’t get to see the whole situation, but only some small part of it. There is a division of labour and people carry out small, narrow specialized jobs. And we can’t act without some sort of direction from one higher. I call this The Agentic State; the individual yields to authority and in doing so, becomes alienated from his own actions." - Stanley Milgram

Fatsmeagol Blog And News


Tribe Chief at the YourStory StartUp Meetup.

“This is the age of the polymaths. We live in the digital renaissance, where truly autonomous individuals who can’t decide one thing to do, and who you don’t need to supervise, exist,” said Rayyan


Elyseah At The Fatsmeagol Collective

As you all know I love working on shoots or projects where I am able to tell a story, a story worth telling and to be able to tell it creatively. Rayyan, the Tribe Chief of Fatsmeagol Collective and me, had been gesticulating the idea of having someone shoot at the office while it’s under renovation.


7 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For 2017

Since its inception, social media has been throwing unprecedented surprises and is growing at a pace that is unmatched in any industry. Here’s a by-invite post by Isheta Shelat who is the head of the digital wing of The Fatsmeagol Collective. These trends below are on her watch list.


The 18th Chapter by Nicole Viegas

Now I’ve finally awoken to see, It’s only the 18th chapter, I read. I’ve still got a whole book ahead, With pages left to unfurl before me.


The happy secret to better work!

We believe we should work hard in order to be happy, but could we be thinking about things backwards? In this fast-moving and very funny talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that, actually, happiness inspires us to be more productive.


Here’s why the Gateway of India is slated to drown by 2070, if the government of India doesn’t act fast

Fact: If global warming continues on its present trajectory of four degree centigrade, the Gateway of India will be submerged by 2070. If we do not act fast, rising sea levels will claim land inhabited by more than 600 million people – entire coastal cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata are slated to drown in 50–70 years. While some of […]

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